Systematic Ramp Up for Technical Stream

It has been noted that technical stream employees such as architects and specialists are often lacking systematic ramp ups. In most cases, well performing SW engineers are promoted to architecture/specialist jobs with the hopes that they are now ready to take on higher challenges. But this is not the case always.

Architectural and Specialist jobs are leadership roles that involve certain degree of self drive and motivation in order to take up the new role. They need to work with management stakeholders such as Project managers, head of the department or even customers. So it is very important that they be systematically trained on relevant skills.

Many companies are ignoring this fact and do not put the technical stream employees into any further training on soft skills and advanced architectural trainings.

In the minimum, they need to be trained on,

  1. Time Management
  2. Stress Management
  3. Basic Project Management
  4. Any basic Leadership Package
  5. Advanced design coaching using CASE tools

The above trainings will make sure to put them in the right path into leadership roles.



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